12/14/23 our project with black pond brews, the anchor sf co-op, and decker was featured in ads of the world, ctinsider, the norwich bulletin and brewbound.

11/30/23 we helped decker launch their new website. we're your favorite agency's favorite agency.

11/4/23 we helped dragons blood elixir launch their first ever subscription boxes.

10/28/23 we announced that the 8th quiet corner film festival is now accepting entries with a new site, trailer, and poster.

10/25/23 our tv spot "quiet corner" for black pond brews won a merit award at the 2023 connecticut ad club awards.

8/1/23 we teamed dragon's blood up with the band speedy ortiz again, this time to make a carrot based sauce called "carrot carrot" for their new album rabbit rabbit.

7/6/23 we worked with the local mountain bikers at qcnemba on some new stickers and koozies.

5/31/23 the seventh quiet corner film festival screened twelve short films by connecticut high schoolers and awarded $900 and prizes to winners in eight categories.

5/12/23 we got two quiet corner staples together to collab on a hot sauce. the first run sold out quickly but there will be another batch soon if you missed it.

5/5/23 our tv spot "quiet corner" for black pond brews made its debut and was highlighted on ads of the world.

4/1/23 we announced the four judges we helped line up for the 2023 quiet corner film festival.

3/28/23 we helped black pond brews launch the farmhaus at black pond.

3/1/23 we launched a landing page for the lives between the lines, a documentary about the history of slavery at UVa and an official selection at the 2022 Virginia Film Fest.

1/8/23 fourbie exchange announced its first live auction, a 2021 ford bronco wildtrak where 10% of the sale will benefit tread lightly!, a non-profit that promotes responsible recreation through stewardship, education and communication.

11/18/22 we helped the quiet corner film festival announce that they are accepting submissions for the 2023 fest.

11/9/22 we launched a game box with dragon's blood elixir.

6/22/22 the coasters we made with black pond brews were featured on the front page of ads of the world.

6/1/22 the sixth quiet corner film festival screened 13 short films from high schoolers across connecticut, we made the posters/programs/ballots and the website and did some pr work for it.

1/12/22 joel + his friends brian + garret started an auto auction site for used 4x4 vehicles called fourbie exchange.

12/7/21 we announced our new partnership with black pond brews.

11/22/21 alan filmed and edited a video for the striking workers at sky harbor airport

10/20/21 alan filmed and edited a recap video of sunrise movement tempe's sleep-in at senator sinema's office

9/28/21 joel coded and launched the site for the weed retailer resinate.

9/17/21 we helped dan announce that the quiet corner film festival is back after a covid hiatus.

7/30/21 we helped produce and shoot an interview with an afghan-american alum for the university of virginia's 9/11 series.

5/1/21 we released the inaugural issue of dragon's digest for dragon's blood elixir.

4/16/21 we launched a new site for joel's favorite local pet store.

4/7/21 alan filmed and edited the good jobs for all kickoff for sunrise movement tempe.

3/25/21 we launched a new logo and social post series for high peaks alliance.

3/10/21 we made a "we have the beets" spot for dragon's blood elixir's secret menu sauce that...has the beets.

8/15/20 we launched a brand refresh and a new site for phase out electric.

7/3/20 dragon's blood elixir helped sad13 announce her new album with some custom sauce.

4/25/20 we launched a quick site for the phoenix workers alliance.

9/20/19 joel coded and launched the site for Boston's newest ad agency heylet'sgo.

9/17/19 we launched a quick site for the arizona for bernie sanders 2020 coalition.

6/21/19 our high school's racist mascot was in the news again and we noticed the url was up for grabs. so we put up a quick site.

12/20/18 alan was in agency spy's morning stir when they saw that he put his advertising awards up for sale on craigslist.

5/17/18 the 2018 quiet corner film festival screened 13 student films from 9 different high schools. thayne hutchins of woodstock academy won best picture and a cash prize.

12/5/17 alan's friends at now listen here needed a brand, and they got one!

10/9/17 joel was a speaker at #heweb17

8/30/17 our friends rosie+adam started brewing beer and we helped them put together a label design system.

6/14/17 the 2017 quiet corner film festival screened 12 student films from 8 different high schools and awarded best picture and a cash prize to thayne hutchins of woodstock academy.